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Inlat plus
Legal services in Latvia.
Bunkus Law Firm in Latvia
iLAW partners in Riga, Latvia.
Law Office Heringson GLO in Estonia
iLAW partners in Tallinn, Estonia.
Law Business Solutions Agency in Belarus

Professional legal services in Belarus.
Registration, reorganization, liquidation.
Projects for foreign investors.
Consulting, audit, documents drafting: corporate law, contract law, customs rules, foreign activity, taxes, currency rules.
Representation in economic courts: debt recovery, commercial real estate, corporate disputes.
Day-to-day legal support

Labour Law Academy

Recommendations and advices for employers.

Labour Law Academy's mission - share Labour Law, Tax Law and management knowledge to help employers properly and effectively regulate labour relations and personnel management.

Lithuanian Association of Employment Agencies

Lithuanian Association of Employment Agencies is the first such organization in Lithuania and has been very proactive in trying to establish a legal framework for employee leasing as well as stimulate the market to use temporary staffing services to reduce emigration and illegal employment.