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Competition Law

Competition Law regulates social relations arising from competition between economic entities to ensure that competition between operators is not restricted. Although the competitive relationship participants are equal and free to act, however these entities are prohibited from performing competition distorting acts and constrain other entity’s discretion.
Competition law imposes certain restrictions, obligations and measures to ensure competition among market participants and to protect consumer rights.
iLAW services related to competition law:
  • consulting on issues related to unfair competition actions, including poaching of workers as well as using trade secrets, and representation in courts;
  • client representation in the Competition Council;
  • building of apeals against the decisions of the Competition Council;
  • analysis of the agreements between economic entities;
  • advising on competition law interpretation and application;
  • consultations on misleading and comparative advertising, cartels, abuse of dominant position, merger control and enforcement, anti-competitive agreements.