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Information technology - everything that is related to computer technology, such as networks, hardware, software and Internet, as well as people who work with these technologies.

Information lechnology law is a set of rules that regulate the relations arising from the use of information technology. This right includes the contracts for software licensing and maintenance, e-commerce, installation and maintenance of web sites, telecommunications, information security and its’ electronic transmission and other aspects of cyberspace.

Domain names:

  • consultations regarding domain name registration and domain name choice (registrability);
  • representation of clients regarding chosen domain name registration as well as maintenance of registered domain name;
  • domain name service package (registration, monitoring);
  • consultations regarding violated intellectual property rights related with domain names;
  • representation of clients in disputes regarding domain name registration and unlawful usage.


  • consultations regarding unfair competition in cyberspace;
  • consultations regarding electronic contracts and electronic signatures;
  • consultations regarding electronic commercial messages;
  • consultations regarding commercial websites;
  • consultations regarding electronic payments;
  • consultations regarding e-marketing compliance with laws.

Other cyberspace aspects:

  • consultations regarding defamation in cyberspace (social networks);
  • consultations regarding personal data privacy in cyberspace;
  • consultations regarding protection of information in cyberspace.