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Intellectual Property Law

The person who created an intangible object (work of art, invention, design, etc.) acquire intellectual property rights to their creative work result. Intellectual property consists of rights to literary, artistic and scientific works; performance, sound recordings and television broadcasts; inventions in all fields of human activity; scientific discoveries; industrial design; trademarks, service marks, trade names and commercial tags (signs); protection against unfair competition; as well as all other rights relating to intellectual activities in production, science, literature and arts fields.
iLAW services related to intellectual property law:


  • preparation of documents for registration of trademarks in Lithuania and EU;
  • consultations regarding trademark registration and compliance with laws;
  • consultations regarding trademark protection;
  • consultations regarding trademark, service mark or company name similarity to domain name;
  • representation of clients regarding violation of trademark rights.


  • estimation of design registrability;
  • preparation of documents for design registration;
  • consultations regarding design protection;
  • design service package (registration, monitoring).


  • consultations regarding license agreements;
  • consultations regarding software distribution;
  • preparation of contracts regarding software purchasing, licensing, distributing and using;
  • consultations regarding protection of databases;
  • representation of clients regarding violations of copyrights and neighboring rights.