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Real Estate Law

iLAW main clients in the field of real estate law are real estate brokers and evaluation companies to whom we provide a permanent legal service addressing their daily problems. Our attorneys also counsel other legal entities (real estate buyers, sellers, owners, tenants, the landlords, etc.), represent their interests in negotiation between the parties, in courts and in relations with other authorities and individuals.

iLAW services related to real estate law:

  • consultations on real estate purchase, sale, rental, lending and other contracts, amendment or termination;
  • preparation of purchase - sale, lease, mortgage and other agreements drafts;
  • consultations on on real estate property rights constraints;
  • consultations on changes of real estate target uses;
  • consultations on charges related to real estate;
  • represent the interests of clients in Lithuanian banks, real estate register, the register of mortgages, freezing the assets register;
  • represent clients in legal disputes.